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UK National Database of War Memorials

To find your nearest Memorial, you can search the UK National Inventory of War Memorials online database which has documented over 60,000 war memorials in the UK

Click here – To search the database

Activities For Children and Sunday School

The Imperial War Museum has created an Empire and Conflict section. This is would make an excellent topic for children to do at home, and for Sunday Schools as a special project for Remembrance Day.

Click here – Empire and Conflict

Royal Navy Sikh Destroyer – The HMS Sikh

HMS Sikh was launched in 1937 and was a destroyer-class warship deployed during the second world war.

In total, three ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Sikh after the Sikhs

  • 1889 – was the name assigned to Torpedo Boat No 5, launched for the Royal Indian Marine in 1889, transferred to the Royal Navy in 1892, renamed No 105 in 1901 and sold in 1920.
  • 1918 – was an S-class destroyer launched in 1918 and sold in 1927.
  • 1937 – HMS Sikh was a Tribal-class destroyer launched in 1937 and sunk in 1942.

Click here for a full history of deployment 

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